Rebirth Program

Transform your mind and body with my specially designed HIIT program using the very effective 3.2.1 method. (3 Mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min abs). I call it, "A total body reset". Each session runs an active training time of 30-35 mins and is split into 3 circuits.

A New level will be introduced every 14 days as your body gradually adapts and progresses. I recommend working out atleast 4 times per week and sticking to the basic nutrition guide included in this offer.

My goal is to help you achieve peak results by providing support through community and accountability.

Included in my Rebirth Program Offer

  • □ Access to tutorials before the launch of a new level (Tutorial will cover both beginner and advanced form for each strength exercise throughout the Rebirth Program)
  • □ 3 part training videos with timer attached as I motivate you through your training session.
  • □ Basic nutrition guide that will support and foster results on this journey. (Includes: Health options, guide to reducing caloric intake)
  • □ Email Support: Receive weekly updates and pointers to help you in your upcoming week during the Rebirth Program
  • □ 2 progress checkins via Video / Call
  • □ Chance to win prizes

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Booty Boot Camp Program

A lower body targeted program, designed to build your thighs and glutes. Utilizing resistance bands in creative and highly effective ways paired with intermittent bursts of cardio.

This program will lift, round and tone that booty.

Coming Soon

Online Gym Membership

Access training programs and meal plans specially curated for you after thorough consultation.

*Plans can be curated to fit home or gym.

Coming Soon

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