Light Body

Own Your Vibration!

The Oath

To Prioritize the Nutritional value of our favorite meals.

The way our bodies feel and move is a direct reflection of how well it is serviced with quality excercise, sleep, mental habits and relationships. All of which depends almost solely on OUR DIET! 

Truth is, what we eat affects how we feel and operate on a hormonal and energetic level.

Listen to your body after a meal and you will know !

Prep Options

All Prep options are goverened by the same menu. Differences will appear in the portions and sometimes the preparation method. Meals are available for pickup from 5pm-7pm Mon- Sat.

Weight Loss Prep

Weight loss: this plan may be for you if you are looking to consume in a caloric deficit to assist on your weight loss journey.

Daily – $20
Weekly – $135

Maintain Prep

This plan is for persons eating to maintain current body composition.

Daily – $22
Weekly – $150

Muscle Building Prep

If you are on your healthy weight gain journey then this option is definitely for you. Meals are portioned with a surplus of Macros.

Daily – $25/$30
Weekly – $175/$200

Weekly subscriptions come with Homemade Bread for breakfast prep and protein cookies for a healthier treat.

A detailed approach to prepping your own meals at home.
Service includes
•Free 15 min consultation
•4 week Foundational Meal Plan with grocery list
•Weekly follow up and check-ins

• Recipes *
• One on One prep demo*
Starts at 200ec per month