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Hey You!

I am Happy you are here.

My journey in the direction of wellbeing began the summer of 2014.

I had recently gotten out of a divorce, went back to school and was raising my firstborn with the help of my immediate family.

I significantly remember sitting in my doctor’s office being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I remember feeling intense fear of the future and wondering if I was even capable of navigating this dynamic on my own.

I began working out in the summer of 2014, I trained at home after my classes and daycare pickup and kept a consistent vibe going the entire summer. My goal was to lose weight, get stronger and feel better in my body overall. I found a few training videos by Jillian Michaels and made it part of my routine. Her energy and knowledge fueled my determination and overall goal setting. This was exactly what i needed in that time to navigate my world.

I officially began gym in 2016, by then i was employed full time and reaping the benefits of a consistent routine.

Anxiety and Depression was still a daily struggle and was mainly due to additional situations/ experiences I was not prepared to deal with at that time in my life experience. (Trauma)

By then I was prescribed a full round of medication to help curb the symptoms and advised to stay active. Training became my release and I progressively gained an entire community in the process.

As I began feeling better, seeing results , becoming a ‘new’ me, I decided that I wanted to get the most out of my journey by choosing wisely what I consumed.

soooo I went on the quest to take charge of my diet.

 The kitchen and the gym became my therapy as I explored the world of tasteful and intentional consumption. Eating with the purpose of feeling good, operating efficiently and deriving maximum nutrients from foods while having a flavorful culinary experience.

Fast forward 6 years later and here I am with tons of nutritious and delicious recipes to share so that you can add them to your favorite family receipes.

Flavor is a hugeeee element for me when it comes to food, especially having to prep for my family. Mixing up the preparation methods and cycling the abundance of seasonings we have here on island is the leading edge to a tasteful nutritious diet.

It is my goal to set my own standards when it comes to eating my cake, having it too and sharing some with you!

May you experience the best of both worlds on your Journey!

Much Love to You!